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Our Philosophy

4PILATES is a boutique Reformer/Equipment Pilates Studio, hosting a flexible use timetable of the authentic teachings of Joseph H. Pilates. 

Since its foundation back in 2004 by Angela Trantali, 4PILATES Studio is a dedicated to the preservation of the authentic teachings of Joseph Pilates often referred to as Classical Pilates


In the eighteenth century, the great German poet and philosopher Friedrich von Schiller said "It's the mind (Geist) itself which builds the body."Joseph Pilates was  fond of quoting that line. 


More than eighty years ago it led him to begin developing a system of conditioning based on the principle that THE BODY MUST BE ACTIVELY TRAINED AND CONTROLLED THROUGH THE DISCIPLINE OF THE MIND.


Pilates is a powerful tool for a stronger, leaner and more functional body. Our commitment to you is our ethos and quality of teaching in an uplifting environment that provides for intelligent exercise. We aim to inspire everyone to better movement and health. 


The discipline is ageless and genderless. Staying true to the original principles created by Joe H.Pilates we are inclusive in our embrace and exclusive in our approach.

Our Teachers

Angela Trantali's love, passion and twelves years of studies at classical ballet motivated her to pursue research and explore this magic method. 4PILATES adheres strictly to the authentic method of teaching Classical Pilates. 


Exercise are taught with a unique and dynamic rhythm and progression occurs as mastery of the exercises can be done with control and precision.


At our studio, Pilates is mostly taught in private lessons or in very small groups. The instructors teach by verbal cues and instructions, correcting and adjusting the movements where necessary.


The precision, the approach, discipline and the creation of an ''authentic'' lesson needs experienced and talented instructors which is our first consideration.


Angela is a Comprehensively Certified Pilates instructor since 2003 with 900 hours of formal training, class work, observation and practice. All instructors at 4PILATES are expected to be certified by a reputable school or teacher, have a minimum of 700 hour of rigorous training, observation and apprenticeship and have a premium experience and knowledge of the body and the movement (preferably classic ballet).

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