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Angela Trantali bio

Angela Trantali's love and passion for the body and general well being has led her to establishing her own sanctuary under the brand name of 4 Pilates. 


As an avid dancer and maven of self expression Angela applied, and amongst 800 applicants won, one out of the six places offered, at the prestigious State Ballet School of Greece. But a back injury early on in her dancing career put breaks on her professional dancing ambitions. So when Angela was scouted and offered the possibility to travel the world whilst modelling, she took the opportunity which ultimately led to discovery of Pilates. Angela quickly progressed from an amateur pilates devotee to an expert instructor. 


After rigorous training and over 900 hours of observation and apprenticeship Angela Trantali qualified, and was certified as a professional pilates instructor and currently belongs to the Greek Pilates Association. 


During her illustrious career Angela has appeared in numerous publications, including national newspapers and magazines, TV shows and various workout segments as an authority on well being and all things pilates. 4 Pilates has a strong celebrity following including singers to actors, performers and TV personalities, who enjoy physical and psychological benefits of pilates, restoring balance in body and mind. 


Angela is a preferred pilates instructor within the professional athletes community for her teaching methods of Classical Pilates and intricate knowledge of body movements first hand. Angela’s clients include tennis players, dancers, NBA basketball players, top football players and others, whose routine workout includes pilates as a form of recovery, performance enhancing exercise and as part of rehabilitation process for those suffering from injuries or chronic issues.




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