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Group Classes

Group Mat classes


Group Mat Classes are designed for 4-8 people allowing for a high level of personal attention  Classes are performed on the mat and use small props such as a magic circle (Pilates ring) or arm weights when appropriate, 


We offer three levels of mat class: basic, intermediate and advanced each of which has a series of precisely ordered  and designed floor exercises to strengthen, stretch and align the entire body. 

Group Equipment Classes

These are classes performed on the mat and use the springs and 

equipment on the 'tower' or 'wall-unit' and the spine correctors or small barrel. The apparatus is based on spring resistance which supports, encourages & challenges the use of the body's own resistance. 


Our Pilates Equipment classes are offered at all 3 Levels, with 3rd level being our most advanced and challenging classes. Each level follows demonstrated and appropriate mastery and proficiency.


All levels are designed to foster a healthy, safe and effective progression in Classical Pilates.  To begin taking any Equipment classes, we require that clients learn how to safely utilise the equipment.  This can be achieved by taking private lessons alone or with a small group of up to 3 people.

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